Meet Our Horses

ChloeChloe is one of the Equestrian Bridges minis. The Vision and Purpose of Equestrian Bridges is to empower children and youth considered to be at risk for social, behavioral or academic delays with the tools to develop emotional, mental and physical fitness using Natural Horsemanship doing Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. Miniature horses like Chloe are the best! What a sweet girl and a cute mini!
PonchoPoncho is an appaloosa gelding that is great with small children and riders new to horses. He is kind, understanding, safe, and patient. Poncho has been trail riding for 20 years and seems to enjoy his new life working with children at the stable.
DotDot is an appaloosa mare new to lessons at Parkerman Stables. She is very intelligent and willing to learn. Her striking color catches the attention of many students and boarders. Dot is the perfect horse for the intermediate or advanced rider.
Lady BugLady Bug has a true understanding of the gentleness required when working with small children - She is a great listener and truly enjoys her time with the children.